Deserving Happiness

A fucking intense and challenging summer is coming to an end . It’s been two and a half months since I moved into a new shared flat with the best flatmate I could’ve wished for ❤️


Still I had (and am still having) a hard time adapting to living in one place again, developing a (kind of) routine – it’s liberating and constricting at the same time – and most of all: thinking about the future. I had to confront myself with the big questions of life again: who am I? who do I want to be? what am I doing and what do I want to do with my life?


With all the things that are happening and all the people I’m meeting, sometimes I feel like my life is living me, instead of me living my life. As if I don’t really have a choice, because I can’t influence what happens anyways. In these moments I don’t want to do anything at all, because no decision seems good enough. But I don’t want the fear that things might change in the future to keep me from taking decisions and committing to something or someone. I don’t want to stand in my own way, just because I’m afraid and think I don’t deserve happiness. Because I fucking do.


❤️ I deserve to be involved in all my amazing projects and to be proud about my roles and achievements.


❤️ I deserve all the amazing friends I have – the ones I’ve known for many years now, the ones I maybe just spent one awesome rave with and might never see again and especially the ones I met again almost exactly one year after our first magical meeting! ✨



❤️ I deserve to do the things I like! I don’t have to keep doing the things I don’t enjoy doing. There is always a solution.


❤️ I deserve healthy romantic and/or sexual relationships and to give and receive love and compassion. I deserve to communicate my boundaries and to have them respected and honored.


❤️ I deserve to relax, to enjoy and to be stupid sometimes. I deserve not to worry to much. I deserve my life to be easy instead of complicated. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be happy. (And so do you!)



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